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VOX-IP Centrex

The success of a company is measured in an increasing way to its capacity to communicate in a powerful way. A quick and qualified response to the requests of the customers will contribute to establish a positive image based on the effectiveness of the organization. Companies are in search of increase in productivities as suggested by the integration of the office environment with a powerful tool of telephony . This type of solution, accessible until now to major companies are now exploitable even by very small structures.


The choice of the good technology and the corresponding service is posed then, the whole while respecting the budgetary constraints ! Several alternatives are possible and the made choices engage sometimes ill-advisedly the future.

In order to help you in the process of adoption of a new technology of communication or new services, aComm developed a module making it possible to evaluate and choose the solution really adapted to your needs. 

 With services like VOX-IP Centrex

  • Functions of telephony simple to use :
  • Conditional deviation of incoming calls (no answer or occupied station) on the post of a colleague or on limps vocal.
  • Sending by e-mail of the message deposited on limps vocal.
  • Conference call includind n-people.
  • Posting of the name of the person calling.

Integration of the telephone and the computer (« Click-to-talk ») either through Microsoft Outlook or through a « call pad » of instantaneous transport type.

Use of one's file of contacts to establish a call.

Compatibility with the installed base of the telephone sets and faxes existing.

Subscribed are joignables either they are on their premises, or either in displacement abroad (LAN or W-LAN connectivity required).

Free IP to IP calls.

An administration simplified through a web interface allowing the consultation of the functions associated with a station, the addition of new stations, the examination of the detailed invoicing.

A scalar service : the company can progressively add new subscribers with its growth, without having to face stages of expensive investment.


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