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Swisscom Partner

17.08.2007 - As a partner of Swisscom Fixnet, aComm proposes two hot solutions. These offers targets the SMB :


Enterprise VoIP telephony (Business Connect)

Enterprise hosted messaging (Hosted Exchange)

500'000$ stealed by hackers

08.08.2007 - Two Russian hackers have allegedly stolen over $500,000 from bank accounts in Turkey. They used a special application capable of infecting banking computers in Turkey with a Trojan virus to obtain information on bank accounts.

Read the bulletin on ZDNet

Contact management and mobility

17.07.2007 - aComm purposes a new solution range targeted for SMB. It's about the improvement of contact management through the use of Microsoft Exchange in a service oriented architecture (Hosted Exchange). The Cobra Adress PLUS solution, used in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook, allows to greatly enhance the customer relationship management using business process.

The solution CRM Cobra Adress PLUS

Hosted Exchange Mobility

New TCO Calculator for virtualization

03.05.2007 - VMware launched a new Online TCO Calculator. This tool allows you to generate multiple analyses and detailed reports showing how VMware Infrastructure 3 can reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure. Click here to try it...

Swisscom Mobile chooses StoneGate

07.03.2007 - Stonesoft Inc announces a new major reference in Switzerland for the firewall StoneGate. Swisscom Mobile has chosen this solution in order to protect its network. To reach the official press report, just click here...


31.10.2006 - aComm through his partnership with GRENKELEASING AG proposes an alternative financing method spreaded over the time for all equipment projects. This simple and very flexible proposal allows a better control over the investments in transforming them in running costs. More information here... (in French)

Action ADSL Cybernet

26.10.2006 - Cybernet offers the setup fee for new ADSL or SDSL connexions. This offer is valid until 31th of December 2006. Click here to benefit from it...

VMware and Double-Take

4.10.2006 - VMware proposes a new particulary interesting white paper for servers recovery. It is talking about the solutions of virtualization VMware and replication Double-Take. Download the white paper...

New ! Symantec System Recovery 6.5

23.08.2006 - Symantec announces the availability of the new version of Symantec LiveState Recovery. The name changes and the product get maturity by improving his features : now the Active Directory and the databases like SQL Server and Exchange are completely supported for backup. More info here...

Security update for Centrino

08.08.2006 - Three security holes were corrected in this update. First of all, an unauthorized access was possible through the WLAN module. The following chipsets Intel Pro Wireless 200BG, 2915ABG, 2100 and 3945ABG are concerned. This security update needs a complete re-installation of the driver. Download...

Phishing : did the banks estimate the risk ?

29.06.2006 - Considering that more than 130 brands were the target of phishig campaigns during May, how do respond the franch banks to this bane ? The managers of give their opinions. (Emmeline Ratier, JDN Solutions, in French)

Microsoft purposes a new security assessment tool

29.05.2006 - Microsoft purposes an interactive questionnaire to assess the information security of your organisation. This questionnaire is based on the today international standards and targets the society of less than 1000 people. Click here to download it

New threats: USB sticks and other iPods

24.05.2006 - A publication from CSO Online exposes the vulnerabilities link to the USB, Firewire systems and also the digital memory cards. These vulnerabilities are significant and every society should carefully think about to deny or authorise such devices. Click here to read more...


New: Symantec Mail Security 5.0

26.04.2006 - Symantec announces the new version of its mail security software. Symantec Mail Security for SMTP version 5.0 is the final integration of Brightmail and Symantec technologies into a single, unified solution, and is a key component of Symantec Enterprise Messaging Management solution portfolio. Go to the announce...

VMware Server for free !

12.04.2006 - VMware announce the soon availability of the well known virtualization software in his version for servers for free ! The beta is already available. More about VMware...

New appliance for SMB

06.03.2006 - Symantec announced the SGS 1600 Series, easy-to-manage, multi-function integrated security appliances designed to provide customers comprehensive threat protection against emerging threats. Symantec Gateway Security 1600 Series is devised to save customers valuable time and money by offering easy-to-use functionality that is ideal for smaller sites. Powered by Symantec?s award-winning technologies, Symantec Gateway Security 1600 Series delivers an integrated unified threat management (UTM) offering that can be centrally managed to protect medium-sized businesses and remote and branch offices of large organizations.