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Availability and safety of the infrastructures

e-Serenity Program



The usual services of assistances are generally of purely reactive type. A user under contract notes a defect in his information processing system, he calls the assistance service which is able then to diagnose the breakdown and to act by an intervention on the spot if needed.


With the arrival the Internet and on-line business on the scale of the planet, the requirements for availability of the information systems increased considerably. A compromise Internet site which treats a few hundreds or a thousand of orders per day coming from every continents can't just stop without compromising its ales turnover or even worse if the doubt gains the users of the site.



No magic receipt makes it possible to guarantee a total availability , but it is useful to observe the best sites of the network and to note measurems taken in order to guarantee a very high availability . The e-Serenity program developed by aComm propose an analyse e-business environment under the aspect of service quality, security and availability. Commercial objectives being established, e-Serenity en décline the principal project objectives in six points which can then be set up and deployed at the liking of mandant.


Planning and design :

The  planning and design service makes it possible to take  your current technical infrastructure into account in order to bring it by planned extension to a degree of reliability and safety in conformity with the requirements of your business.


Audit, observation and analyzes :

The objective of this service is to set up a process leading to measurement of the reliability and safety of the installations under monitoring. An analysis of the data collected also makes it possible to take part in the improvement of the infrastructure on the basis of objective data.


Operational :

The operational procedures of management of the infrastructure make it possible to minimize the human incidences which constitute a significant share of the non-availability of the data processing departments.


Support and Intervention :

The infrastructures deployed today within the framework of on-line services are often complex and subjected to keen demands on behalf of the customers. In spite of the precautions taken, a not planned breakdown or stop of a service is always possible. In this context, the existence of procedures for fast action as resorts to a center of call is an effective manner to minimize the necessary time to the covering of the affected service. aComm proposes an analysis of your environment of current support and targeted improvements, in particular by the installation of optimized support structures calling upon your teams or external resources if needed.


Covering :

In case of major defect such as total loss of a system or catastrophic event such as a fire, the re-starting of a service can be seriously blocked if no procedures of covering exists or if they are lacunar and are not exerted. The analyzing and stowage service of covering procedure will assist you in this essential part of a high availability process.


Diagnostic of the incidents & Analyzes of major causes :

Our philosophy is that the same incident involving a loss of service is not supposed to reproduce twice. This means that the correction of the breakdown symptoms is not sufficient and that it is also necessary to act on the major causes. Acting on the causes requires sometimes a thorough work of analysis that, the gained experience and the use of the means of measurement and adequate observation make it possible to reduce.


Security reinforcement and improvement of the availability of an architecture :