Cobra Adress PLUS
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Successful Customer Management with System

The purpose is obvious: your business should focus more upon the customer, his personality and his business needs, to serve him directly and personally. Only satisfied customers can guarantee your business success. A long list of performance criteria regarding customer relationship management ? as published in various forms and media ? is not enough to guarantee a successful path towards your business goals.



The introduction of a CRM strategy


Into your business demands a convincing tool for the achievement of the resulting requirements, parallel to the implementation and acceptance by management and employees. Only this will create a measurable success margin for customers, employees and companies.


Domains of use of Adress PLUS :

  • Personal customers care for marketing, distribution and professional services
  • Targeted public relationship
  • Call center with cost recording, projects or order directed
  • Support follow-up and tickets tracking
  • Secretariat for comfortable address, locals and resources management


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Presentation of Hosted Exchange Mobility (in French)

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