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As partner of Symantec, aComm is qualified to provide all Symantec products just like all those which are coming from the acquisition of Veritas.

Products and solutions

Every industry has it own unique information security challenges brought about by consolidation, regulations and different business requirements. aComm understands these challenges and leverages its experience to deliver security solutions tailored to your specific risk profile.


aComm provides industry-relevant security products, services and solutions to address your safety and security concerns. Our mission is to help with the assessement, detection, protection, correction and recovery from security exposures in your IT and physical security environments.


The proposed solutions are focused on the improvement of your systems availability, integrity and confidentiality. When addressing Internet, and network security in a wide sense, aComm seeks the best possible solutions, as delivered by reputed technological partners. Below a non exclusive list of deployed solutions :


aComm delivers security focused projects according to a list of pre-established requirements and guarantee the achievement of agreed upon goals. The establishment of a proposal is free of charges, no string attached.


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