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Company profile

aComm is an information systems and telecommunications consulting firm. Created in 1990, aComm is independent of any product or supplier Our partners' experience focuses on electronics, information technologies telecommunications physics, etc This provides aComm with the foundations to handle the challenges entrusted to aComm by its local and multinational customer base.



The focal point of our competences in telecommunications network and data processing resides in the integration of heterogeneous systems as well as the secure and reliable routing of multiservices LAN/WAN networks A special emphasis is given to the simplification and cost reduction of the proposed network solution while maintaining adequate security and reliability.


aComm puts at your service a homogeneous team of engineers who have many years of experience in telecommunications and networks to their credit.


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aComm, the mission :

Our goal is to set our priorities according to our clients best interests and needs, without exposing ourselves to conflicts of interest inherent in the marketing of specific products. This is the reason why, we pay a special attention to accurate project objectives descripions and means to measure the outcomes, this irrespective of the proposed technical solution.


aComm, the strategies :

Information systems, networks and telecommunications systems are ever-mutating domains. In order to provide quality services corresponding, from a technical stand point, to our clients expectations, aComm« dedicates its highest consideration to its staff selection, to its partnership development, to its research projects with the academic and industrial world, and to the maintenance of narrow relations with major hardware & software suppliers.