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aComm, the answer to a new era

The transition to a data-processing environment characterized by large distributed client-server architectures has broken the mould of propriatory systems. The responsible data processing team wishing to use the latest  technologies buy best of breed solutions from several sources. If you are in charge of managing networked computers, you are already facing the challenges presented by a complex heterogeneous environment.  This is where aComm contributes with the following proposal:





To a large extend, computer networks create the possibility of increasing the total productivity of the company, a great amount of new technologies and expertise must be acquired. It is nearly impossible for the individuals or the team in charge of the IT systems to maintain an expertise in every specialized fields. Universality cannot be claimed. This is why there is a demand for a new type of service which proposes a help with requests. Either planning a client-server architecture, either optimising daily systems management or either quickly deploying a new workgroup or a network service, the persons in charge of networks and systems turn to an external expertise.

Specialized consulting services proposed by aComm correspond to this demand. Above all, the persons in charge wish to have a support when they launch a new project. The selected external partner must be able to face the complexity of the distributed heterogeneous systems currently used.


IP Telephony

Following the generalization of the use of IP technologies, aComm also stands out as an advisory assistant également for the choice and the planning of the implementation of a  VoIP or ToIP solution (voice over the Internet and telephony over the internet).


The stakes are simple : to increase the level of service while lowering the costs related to its management and telecommunications. Thanks to the existing solutions today, these objectifs are completely realizable.


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