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Technology consulting and project management services

Thanks to its expertise, know-how and project methodology, aComm is in position to advice companies for the selection of information systems and telecomunication infrastructures. The current level of systems complexity and sophistication often requires the evaluation of different solutions before the selection and implementation of the best match corresponding to the true needs of the enterprise can be made. To achieve this goal, aComm relies on a proven and recognised project methodology, clearly identifying each stage of the project. A documented definition of the project objectives at the onset is very important so as to ensure a successfull deployment and the achievment of the project objectives. Each project will ideally start with a clear business goals proposing measurable advantages.


We are all familiar with the problem of justifying IT projects management because of notorious difficulties in communicating its tangible business value.  The actual statistics for typical IT projects is however scary

  • 61% of all IT projects Fail and 52% of all projects finish with more than 187% over budget! (Gartner and Standish Group)

There is no fatality here. When managed properly  a project stands every chance of coming on time and on budget. aComm initiates  project with a documented project charter, listing all the project elements required to fullfill the company expectations. Depending on the scope of the project, alternative approaches can be used to solve the business problem. Once the requirement analysis and a buy over make decision has been made, the completion of a "product evaluation and recommendation"  project module PER will lead to a request for proposal RFP tender. At first sight, an RFP process may look like an expensive and superfluous effort. It provides however considerable benefits to the project due to the clarity and the significant financial gain that can be achieved.


  • Adequate solution's answer to the stated needs
  • Constraints fullfilement
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Solution's Performance
  • Perennial vendor's solution
  • Proximity and integrator's response time
  • Additional functionctionality (nice to have)

A PER procedure is the adequate course of action when dealing with a complex environement where essential business objectives must be met. Achieving a reduced cost of ownership and avoiding functional pitfall is the result of a proper solution selection.


aComm project methodology :